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Virtual Reality is here with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!  We are set up for sitting and standing game play.  If this proves popular enough then we can dedicate a full room in the future.  We have the only place you can test both side by side at a reasonable rate in Austin.  We will also be offering VR repairs! Also remember if you are looking to upgrade your PC for VR, or build a new PC no one in Austin builds a box like we do.  We have been PC gaming since the 80s!

Cost is $10 a hour on Uber PC 1 which has been newly upgraded to watercooled 8 core Xeon and Radeon Fury X! $25 for a 3 hour package or 6 hour pass! We have the following games/apps:

A-10 VR Vive only
Adr1ft Oculus only
A Legend of Luca Vive only
Apollo 11 VR Experience
Boogeyman Oculus Only
Catlaterial Damage Vive only
CDF Starfighter
Cosmic Trip Vive only
COSM Vive only
Crystal Rift Vive only
Descent Underground
Dota 2 VR Hub Vive Only
Eve Valkyrie Oculus only
Fantastic Contraption Vive only
Farlands Oculus only
Final Approach Vive only
Fruit Ninja VR Vive only
Ghost Town Mine Ride and Shooting Gallery Vive Only
Holopoint Vive only
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Vive only
HordeZ Vive only
House of the Dying Sun Vive only
Hover Junkers Vive only
Inbound Missle Defense Vive only
Jeeboman Vive only
Job Simulator Vive only
Lightblade VR Vive only
Lucky's Tale Oculus only
Mind: Path To Thalamus Vive only
Minecraft beta Oculus only
Monstrom Oculus only
Onward Vive only
Out of Ammo Vive only
Pane In The Glass Vive only
Pool Nation VR Vive only
Project Cars
Radial G Racing Revolved
Raptor Valley
Raw Data Vive only
Snow Fortress Vive only
Space Pirate Trainer Vive only
Subnautica Oculus only
Tabletop Simulator Vive only
theBlu Vive only
The Last Sniper VR Vive only
The Solus Project
Tilt Brush Vive only
Ultimate Booster Experience
Universe Sandbox Vive only
Volo Airsport
Vanishing Realms Vive only
Void 21 Oculus only
VR Ping Pong Vive only
VR zGame Vive only
Waddle Home Vive only
XCavalypse Vive only
Zenblade Vive only
Zero-G VR