Friday, 27 May 2016 21:54

VR Is Here: HTC Vive Is Here!

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Virtual Reality is here with the HTC Vive! $10 a hour on Uber PC 1 which has been newly upgraded to an 8 core Xeon! $25 for a 3 hour package or 6 hour pass! For the latest on our VR hardware and games check out this page. We have the following games/apps:


Adr1ft (not yet Vive supported)

Catlaterial Damage 

Fantastic Contraption 



Hover Junkers 

Job Simulator 

Pool Nation VR

Radial G Racing Revolved 


Tilt Brush 

Universe Sandbox

Also remember if you are looking to upgrade your PC for VR, or build a new PC no one in Austin builds a box like we do.  We have been PC gaming since the 80s!

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