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Sunday, 19 June 2016 18:46

Oculus Rift Ready For Play!

Our Oculus Rift is now set up in addition to the HTC Vive.  The headset is definitely lighter than the Vive, and the visual quality is a bit better as well.  The motion controllers are not yet available for it still so it is more of a sit down experience.  Right now we have several demos, and we are prepping more games as well. For now we have the following games and demos:
Eve Valkyrie
Lucky's Tale
Radial G Racing Revolved
For the most updated VR games list check out our Virtual Reality section. 
Also remember if you are looking to upgrade your PC for VR, or build a new PC no one in Austin builds a box like we do.  We have been PC gaming since the 80s!
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